Personal message from Renara

Dear Friends!

Thank you for visiting my new website. I’m so grateful to my friends for setting up a new company “Renara Music” to market and distribute my music and manage my future live performances. For me, this is a new beginning and a great opportunity.

From the beginning of my recording career in 2004, many people helped me to find the money to record and release albums. They organized performances all around the world, and supported me so that I could focus on my great love and passion - creating musical compositions and improvisations with the piano. As the very last copies of my 2014 recording “Love and Gratitude” are being sold, I find myself in a new place with new possibilities. All of my nine original albums, plus two collections of previously-recorded tracks, have been re-engineered by Laurent Compignie in France and are ready for release to a global market. Our first offering to you is my 2013 collection “Octave” which is for sale now. Every month we will choose another album to offer you, with all-new album art, and some backstories about the inspiration for my compositions. I am also preparing the compositions for the recording of a new album which I will call “The Path of the Beloved”. 

When I compose and improvise music, I go to a special place inside where I feel very deeply all that is happening and has happened in my life and the lives of others close to me, and often all that is happening in the world we live in. This music is God’s gift to me, and in turn, my humble offering to the world which so badly needs light, empathy, comfort, consolation, and honesty. Inasmuch as countless people around the world have expressed to me their gratitude for this music, I want to spread it far and wide. For this, a commercial structure is necessary. My heart’s desire is to create music, record, and play in venues where I can have the possibility of intimate interaction with my audience. My friends at Renara Music are making my heart’s desire possible with their work on my new website, new album artwork, social media, marketing and management.

But for all of this, my friends, we need YOU! If my music has touched something inside you, please help me by:

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3. Buying my music. You can see all your options for purchasing my music here

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Here at Renara Music, we are packing our bags and setting out on a new adventure. I invite all of you, my co-creators, to join us.

With love and gratitude,
Renara Akhoundova