What people are saying about the music of Renara Akhoundova...

"Renara’s music invites us to connect to our inner journey. It speaks to our own stories and invites us to travel through our diverse and deep emotions. It is peaceful and passionate, just as life becomes when we are fully alive. Her concerts are always wonderful opportunities to create and share a deep human connection”

Mark Milton, Founder, Education 4 Peace

“Music from Renara’s hands radiates innate passion and sustained joy. Its delight is immediate, heartfelt, palpable and manifest and is an extension of her being. Renara’s compositions are cumulative in terms of wisdom, experience, knowledge and life. The miracle is Renara can translate this through her compositions for each of her listeners to enjoy, consider, embrace and, if we allow it, to gain much from and in doing so learn much about ourselves. For me, as a visual artist, Renara’s playing is a palette of colours that brings music into visible form. I find this crystalline and inspirational. “

Edward Twohig; Practicing Printmaker represented at Eames Fine Art, London & Q Gallery, Baku; Trustee at Bankside Gallery; Member of Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers Council & Director & Keeper of Art at Wellington College.

“Thanks to Renara’s riveting and elegant performance, our charitable organization provided a wonderful evening for our benefactors, honored several longtime pillars of benevolence in the community, and raised significant additional funds for our activities. I recommend a fundraising event based around Renara’s performance to all foundations and organizations like ours.”

Dr. Cathy Ashby, President & CEO, United Way of Abilene

“Renara is a musical genius”

Laurent Compignie, Co-founder of Malambo Studio, Bois-Colombes, France

“Renara is the most ‘real’, lively and radiant artist and pianist I know and could listen to. When we leave her concerts, we feel ourselves expanded, enlarged, more loving and more happy.”

Isabelle Alexandrine BourgeoisFounder and Director, Planetpositive Action

"Renara is the first economist I've met with competence to touch peoples' emotions, deeply and professionally.  No one seems capable of resisting her seductions - the swell of her melody, the cascades of crescendos, the exquisite spectacle of oneness and harmony with her instrument. In these moments I'm transported to my other universe; ... the real world where everyone's in credit!"

Peter Koenig, Economist and expert in transforming the relationship to money; Principal, Peter Koenig Enterprises - Seminal Thinking, Behavioural Finance, Organizational Architecture

"A few years ago, I asked Renara to compose the music for the film I made for television. She created the musical universe that suited perfectly the images, the rhythm of the montage, the artistic content on exhibit, and the atmosphere desired for the director. It was fine work, very precise, and a sensitive and creative contribution for which I am grateful and in admiration. Thank you Renara."

Michel van Bellinghen, Director of television, Belgium

The compositions of Renara Akhoundova are recognizable from the first notes, not because they resemble others or are predictable, but because they have in common this expression of the ineffable, the indescribable, in connection with the Source. Through their sensitivity and truth, their inspiration touches within us the depth of being. Renara invites everyone to an inner journey, initiated bymusic performed with the virtuosity of a heart as talented as open.

Anne van Stappen, Doctor of Medicine, writer, lecturer, Belgium